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Francis used his top notch negotiation skills coupled with precise "right in the nick of time" communication to secure our desired property.

Throughout our condo hunt we were supported immensely by our realtor Francis Piché.

Upon our first meeting with him, we were immediately drawn to his vast knowledge and extremely professional demeanor. Alongside his expert approach, Francis also treated us like valued family members.

There was no rushing or pressure to have us speed along with anything. Francis let us lead the process and stepped in when needed and always guided us in the right direction, and always with our best interest at the core of the suggestions he made.

What really stood out to me is that Francis made himself available to us at every moment, whether it be early mornings or weekend evenings, he tended to our needs. This really made us feel as though we were highly important to him and at the top of his priority list.

Though our house hunt spanned several months our realtor diligently stood behind us and persevered. Upon finding our perfect place, Francis used his top notch negotiation skills coupled with precise “right in the nick of time” communication to secure our desired property.

I couldn’t recommend Francis more. He really does go above and beyond and shows a rare and sought after commitment to every one of his clients.

Thank you Francis!
Jennifer & Yanni

Yanni & Jennifer

We were extremely impressed with his professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail.

As first time home buyers, my wife and I were a little anxious about the whole purchasing process. From our first meeting with Francis, he quickly put us at ease with his knowledge of the market as he guided us through the process and was genuinely interested in seeing us find a place that met our needs.

We were extremely impressed with his professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail. He is always accessible, even if it means putting together documents on a Sunday afternoon or fielding phone calls in the evening. He always followed through in a timely manner and took great care with the details. He showed a lot of patience in answering our questions, and took the time to get to know us. We never felt rushed with any decision, and his positive and encouraging outlook made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

We highly recommend Francis to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their property, and we are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Greig & Ayumi

Francis is a positive, energetic and tactical negotiator with a strong work ethic.

Francis is a positive, energetic and tactical negotiator with a strong work ethic. He helped us purchase our condo during a time when three bedroom units were very competitive. He never gave up; even when it seemed we would surely be outbid, Francis gave us 110% of his effort and did everything he could to try to make the deal happen for us.

After our offer was accepted, Francis put in a great deal of effort to ensure things went smoothly.

We highly recommend Francis to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Derek and Kelsey Richards

Despite what people may think, selling your home in a hot market is very challenging, and I was thrilled to have Francis representing me.  Francis is thorough, patient, an excellent communicator and incredibly hard working.

I really appreciated how he left no stone unturned. Merci Francis!

Gerry De Cicco

If you are looking for hassle-free, fast results selling your property, we highly recommend Francis to you.

We actually met Francis at a seminar at SFU and really liked his energy and enthusiasm.  He is well presented and more proactive compared to other realtors.  What was also nice was that he didn’t pretend to have all the answers and was more than willing to do research and put that extra effort to address our concerns.

Even though we already had a couple of realtors that worked with us in buying properties before, there was no doubt we would use Francis’ services to sell our apartment at SFU.  Before the property was listed, Francis gave us lots of useful advice and help in gathering all the required information. A professional photo shoot was also arranged to prepare pictures for posting on MLS and other related real estate publications.  Whether it was helping with the moving of furniture or entertaining our two young children, Francis gave it his all to ensure the photo shoot was carried out smoothly and quickly with minimal disruption to our day.

He is very detailed oriented and always made sure to survey our place to ensure everything was perfect before the start of the open house.  During the open house, he dressed professionally to represent us to talk to all the potential buyers and regularly kept us informed in terms of the number of groups of people coming in and details of potential buyers that may show interest to send in their offers.  We were very impressed that a sneak preview of our property was arranged on March 23 followed by the official open house on March 26 and 27.  At the end, we got an offer on March 28 and accepted it on March 31.  We are so happy that our property was sold within a week at slightly above our asking price.

If you are looking for hassle-free, fast results selling your property, we highly recommend Francis to you.

Dr. Hilleas Wong

I have been a general contractor for over 20 years and have had dealings with hundreds of people including professional engineers architects etc. Many of the professionals I have dealt with do not provide the level of service and commitment that myself and most people expect. Through my personal experience with Francis and a successful real estate purchase with him I can honestly say he is a true professional. Francis worked tirelessly to arrange and show me approximately 15 properties before we found the right one. At each of those property showings Francis showed up on time and was well prepared with building information and sales histories. He was very honest and told me about anything he knew being negative about the properties and other information he could have easily withheld but did not. He is friendly person with a very good attitude. I highly recommend Francis as a realtor and feel confident you will have the same experience I did.

John Jurinak
Business Owner

John Jurinak

If you are considering choosing a realtor in the Vancouver Market the choice is simple. Get ahold of Francis, he was amazing. Always polite, professional, and his trademark is being impeccably dressed.

This Realtor goes above and beyond the call of duty. Hey folks, let me tell you my story.

I had to re-locate from Kelowna to Vancouver in fairly short order in the fall of 2013 due to work re-assignment.
A friend of mine in Kelowna initially referred me to Francis Piché.

We immediately began viewing various real estate listings in the downtown Vancouver market, even before I needed to move to Vancouver. In our first viewing, Francis quickly had 12 listings in one day at various buildings in the Yaletown/Downtown Vancouver core area. My first inclination is that this realtor is listening to my needs and getting me a wide variety of viewings to get my criteria narrowed down. My work required me to re-locate to Vancouver by a specific date, and I had not yet sold my real estate in Kelowna.

While I continued preparing for my move and looking at various real estate in Downtown Vancouver I had to look at some temporary rental options. I found a temporary place to stay in Vancouver on-line. The place was sight unseen as I was still in Kelowna. I telephoned Francis to tell him about the rental property. He immediately said: “Heh no problem” and he zipped over to the rental place, photographed the entire place and sent the pictures to me by email. I was blown away! This was awesome service. It ended up that the temporary rental was just fine, while I continued to look for my dream place in Vancouver with Francis’s hard work.

During my hunt for my place in Downtown Vancouver, I had very specific criteria that I needed. Must have this, must have that, need to be this square feet, need to have walk in closet, need to have bedroom that will fit king size bed, need to have hot tub, need to be near SkyTrain, need to have outdoor balcony, need to have a den, need to have reasonable strata fees, need to be near BC Place & Rogers Arena etc. etc. Quite frankly I think I drove Francis crazy at times as my criteria were so focused as to what I wanted.

In total I had viewed 22 buildings in the Downtown core, and within those buildings we looked at several units. Whenever I saw a viewing that was interesting I asked Francis about all the other floor plans that may be in the building that did not have current listings on the MLS to look at. Before I arrived home, ka-pow Francis would have foor plans for the entire building, every single suite, and past MLS listings of sold units to get a flavour of what the market sold at and what the floor plans were…all emailed to me. WOW

I fell in love with the building I am in, and look back at my real estate experience with Francis and can say with confidence that he is one amazing realtor who will work hard at getting you the place you want.

If you are considering choosing a realtor in the Vancouver Market the choice is simple. Get ahold of Francis, he was amazing. Always polite, professional, and his trademark is being impeccably dressed.

Very Highly Recommended,

Union Representative

Dave Archibald

Francis is kind, honest, and works his heart out for his clients.

Francis was great to work with both times he helped us. He first helped sell our 1 bedroom condo, which was a very difficult layout to sell but never gave up, and then assisted in the purchase of our current 3 bedroom condo, which we absolutely love.

Francis was incredibly patient with us and never made us feel we were wasting his time. He allowed us to look at many properties, respected our budget, and was truly committed to finding the perfect home for us. Francis is kind, honest, and works his heart out for his clients.

Stephanie & Ian

Francis, thank you for the hard work and dedication in selling our Yaletown condo. We highly recommend Francis, for his high energy, excellent communication skills, always punctual and great negotiating talents. Look forward to working with Francis on our upcoming real-estate purchase.

Debora & Norman Batisse

Debora & Norman Batisse

I recently wanted to sell my Vancouver condo and a close friend of mine referred me to a Francis Piché. I strongly believe in networking because I strongly cherish the relationships that I have in my life.

Francis was absolutely fantastic and professional with the way he carried out his job of selling my condo. I couldn’t have asked for a more proactive and knowledgeable person to have on my side. Because I trusted Francis and cooperated with him, we were able to sell my condo in a matter of days, not months. He knew his market, he did his research, he sold the condo.

I am looking forward to the next time I am able to do business with Francis as I know, he will deliver.

Jared Power
NCSO/Red Seal Electrician/Owner

Jared Power

We worked with Francis to buy our first home in downtown Vancouver.

Firstly, we were amazed with his turnaround time on each and every step of our transaction. Francis was always going the extra mile to ensure we got the best home available on the market.

In addition, the “Private Client Services” online search tool, Francis provided us with, saved us a lot of time, as it had a more advanced filtering system than the other public tools available. This system also allowed us to view our home selections “at-glance comparison” in table view, which we found easier and more effective in narrowing down what we wanted to see. Also, the market report that Francis provided was very useful in planning our budget. As a result, we bought the exact home we wanted at 5% below listed price.

We highly recommend Francis’ services. We are looking forward to working with Francis again for our future Real Estate needs.

Alex Blinov
Computer Software Project Manager

Tatiana Zinovyeva
Computer Software Quality Assurance Lead

Alex Blinov & Tatiana Zinovyeva

he truly made my life easier by taking care of all the small details of the property

I needed to sell my condo in downtown Vancouver in a short period of time and Francis was recommended by another person in the Real Estate industry. Francis discussed the different market strategies of listing my property in great detail with me, and prepared a comparison list of other units in that building.

I was impressed by his honesty, reliability and professionalism. My condo was sold quicker than I expected, and he truly made my life easier by taking care of all the small details of the property.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Francis for anybody who needs a knowledgeable and reliable realtor, for buying or selling their properties.

Niloofar Chitsaz
Family Physician

Niloofar Chitsaz

I used the services of Francis Piché in both listing my condo downtown and in purchasing a much larger home. Francis’s professionalism, work ethic, knowledge and attention to detail is absolutely second to none! I ended up getting 5% above my list price on my sale and also bought my new home for more than 10% below list price, thanks again Francis, you’re truly amazing at what you do! I have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who is looking to Buy or Sell a property in the Vancouver area.

Jay Seabrook
Vice President Operations
Dominion Lending Centres

Jay Seabrook

knows how to effectively negotiate for his clients

My working partnership with Francis started this year and we have worked together on a few different opportunities. He is extremely professional and client-focused. Francis makes sure that I have all important documents in a timely manner. He works hard and really knows how to effectively negotiate for his clients. He is reliable, organized and very focused.

I look forward to many more partnerships with Francis. I know his clients would say the same!

Atrina Kouroshnia
Mortgage Professional

Atrina Kouroshnia

When it came time to sell our condo unit, Francis provided us with excellent advice, information and support – before, during, and after the sale!

He was thoroughly knowledgeable about the market situation, and always professional, punctual, and dependable. He could be relied upon to answer all our questions via email, or phone, or in person – and he was able to do so with a sincere and friendly approach at all times.

I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, enthusiastic and motivated agent.

Michael Jansen


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