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What is the biggest fear when you are about to make one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions of your life by purchasing a new home?
Can you imagine how devastating the consequences are when you buy the wrong house on your quality of life?

Have you ever worried about the level of commitment of your Real Estate agent? Have you ever questioned the level of service that your Real Estate agent has when it comes to help you objectively prioritize your needs vs. wants, and help you interpret the facts when your emotions are running high?

Do you worry that your Real Estate agent is just interested in getting you a property as soon as possible so that they can go on to their next sale?
Thanks to my Performance Guarantees, my clients don’t need to worry anymore because I will take the risk and the fear out of the home purchasing process. How? See below and discover why I make such a bold offer. I am invested to listen to your needs, understand your goals of home ownership, and work tirelessly towards finding you the perfect property.

Every day, I’m ALL IN for my clients. Guaranteed.

Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee. ALL IN
I will sell your home for FREE if you are absolutely not happy with your home purchase within the first 12 months of your possession date.

No Risk Exclusive Buyer’s Agreement ALL IN
I guarantee you the right to cancel your Exclusive Buyer’s agreement at any time prior to making an offer to purchase your new home, with no penalties and no obligations, if you feel the quality of service doesn’t live up to my promise*.

*I only ask you to allow me the opportunity to correct any difficulties within a 48-hour period. If you are still unhappy, you have the power to exit the Exclusive Buyer’s agreement with no hassles. It’s that easy.

Thank You Bonus Guarantee. ALL IN
I will give you $1,000 CASH when you purchase new your home and sell your home with me*.

*Based on minimum Buyer’s fees commissions of 3.255% on the first hundred thousand dollars and 1.11625% on the balance and listing minimum commission fees of 7% on the first hundred thousand dollars and 3% on the balance. Each transaction must occur within the first six months of each other. The bonus can be applied towards the purchase of a home or towards reducing a selling commission fee.


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